ALPHA OMEGA HOMES LTD is being driven by innovators.

From the very start our leadership team recognised that we needed to be different in our approach and relationship with our clients. We are dedicated to quality and quantity, to finish on time, on budget and to complete to client satisfaction.


Alpha Omega Homes Ltd is built on our leadership qualities, our directly employed highly trained craftsman and nominated sub-contractors. The works are supervised by our Construction Director who makes sure that our quality manuals are met or exceeded at every stage of construction.

Alpha Omega Homes Ltd has always stood for building excellence and design value. Our aim is to deliver the clients design intention, every time, with every build. It’s our job to achieve a strict specification, and for us, quality is the ability to repeatedly achieve that specification. It’s that attention to detail that we instil in our work force.

“It’s about surprise and delight,” Mr Knight says. “I want every client to move into their new or renovated home for the first time and for it to be a wonderful experience. We want to exceed customers’ expectations. Alpha Omega Homes Ltd are serious about our disciplines.”

In practical terms, this attention to detail means that every building contract be it large or small is constantly scrutinised as it makes its journey through the process of construction from its beginning as an idea on a sheet of paper, to the moment of the final fixing it will undergo precision and quality checks. On the rare occasion it is not perfect the works do not continue until the problem has been remedied, checked, double-checked, and deemed perfect.

“It’s all about keeping everybody totally focused on what it is that we’re doing here. We’re building premium quality houses and extensions or other works, for people to make homes in.”

At the end of the process, we check that every function of the build has been built to Alpha Omega Homes Ltd level of excellence and that the works are handed over to the client as complete. It’s this attention to detail that sets Alpha Omega Homes Ltd apart from other builders.